Smt. Narayani Devi Girls P.G. College

( Approved by N.C.T.E., Govt.of rajasthan and affiliated to the Raj Rishi Bharthari Matasya University Alwar )


Smt. Narayani Devi Girls T.T College, Behror offers two-year full time B.Ed. Program affiliated to N.C.T.E., Govt.of rajasthan and affiliated to the Raj Rishi Bharthari Matasya University Alwar.

1. Civics
2. Home Science
3. Economics
4. English
5. Geography
6. Hindi
7. History
8. Mathematics
9. Sanskrit
10. Social Studies
11. Biology
12. Chemistry
13. Genral Science
14. Physics
15. Book Keeping
16. Comm. Practice
17. Botany

Admission Criteria:
For admission into B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) Course in Our B.Ed colleges, there is an entrance test called Pre-Teacher Education Test (PTET). This PTET Test is conducted by State Govt. of Rajasthan.

Fee Details : 
Bed. First Year Fee : Rs. 26820
Bed. Second Year Fee : Rs. 27000

Student List

Latest Faculty List

Faculity 2020


Photograph Name Fathers Name Designation DOB Subject Qualification Date of Joining PAN No Aadhar No
Dr. Sanjay Yadav Dr. Sanjay Yadav
Sh. Bishmbhar Dayal Principal 15/06/1975 Pol. Sci. M.A.,M.ed.,B.ed 07/05/2018 BNSPK9455K 797886797666
No Image Sunil Yadav Nand Lal Yadav Lect. 28/12/1883 History M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 DEKPS8669E 275250740618
No Image Sushma Bai Sube Singh Yadav Lect. 25/09/1989 Pol.Sci. M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 CIVPB2720H 907825269386
No Image Raj Kumar Saini Kishan Lal Saini Lect. 05/01/1981 Eco. M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018   649335438814
No Image Amita Singh Laxmi Narayan Singh Lect. 01/12/1988 Sanskrit. M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 CXLPS8997J 521468217220
No Image Dipika Arora Syam Sunder Arora Lect. 20/09/1987 English M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 TOCO476556 409109874859
No Image Angrej Sharma Staypal Sharma Lect. 11/10/1988 Math M.Sc.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 CIJPS4249P 465923502502
No Image Surender Kumar Rohatash Singh Lect. 13/12/1987 History M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 DWPPK15251 838885823415
No Image Sumit Bala Yadav Devender Kumar Lect. 15/06/1987 Geography M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 AIOPY8774D 310926909412
No Image Bhagwanti Mahavir Prasad Lect. 01/05/1988 Sanskrit M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 DEZPB9469A 363164767585
No Image Manoj Kumar Phool Singh Lect. 28/07/1988 Pol.Sci. M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 FWVPK0283F 970365457588
No Image Nirmala RamKumar Lect. 13/03/1977 Hindi M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 CBCPM4466P 546533983559
No Image Nilam Sharma Shubhas Chand Sharma Lect. 01/06/1986 Math M.Sc.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 AEBPS2547K 354528368637
No Image Sarita VedPrakash Lect. 22/08/1993 Fine & Arts M.A.,B.ed., M.Ed. 07/05/2018 JDHPS5280R 766964090298
No Image Monika Suresh Kumar Lect. 17/12/1994 Music Teacher M.A.,B.ed. 07/05/2018   423571731162
No Image Jagbeer Yadav Deep Chand Yadav Lect. 02/09/1986 PTI M.A.,B.ed. 07/05/2018 APUPY4243E 828505536053
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